Posted: December 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

So I was on Xanga for a while and still have an account there, but don’t use it anymore. I have never been big into journaling before but some of my friends and family are inspiring me to do so… I guess. So why not? Even if no one will read this but myself, at least it will give me a few minutes of my day to pause and reflect about different things. That’s probably what I need to do more of anyway. Right? Besides, if we take some time to reflect about our own thoughts, then maybe we will see the importance of truly reflecting on God’s thoughts… hmm.

  1. brianhowe says:

    Where did that ball land?

  2. davecross says:

    About 5 feet from the cup! lol yea right more like in the pool of someones multi-million dollar house. haha

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