Posted: January 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been doing a lot of study recently on the Vine and the branches from John 15. It has been a great passage for me personally but also one that we have looked at recently in our college bible study. It is so interesting to me how important these first 8 verses are in chapter 15. Jesus had just finished giving a perfect example of servant-hood by washing the disciples feet. Then he talked about the one who was going to betray him and also foretold Peter’s denial. After all that, he went into one of His more famous speeches about being the way, truth, and the life giving us the promise of the Holy Spirit as well. Now we get to the vine and branches. It is very evident that Jesus is the vine here and he explains that to us a couple of times, so we can truly understand. But it is amazing yet again how concerned he is for the branches. His main goal for our lives is for us to produce healthy fruit, but how can we do that? It is accomplished through one word He gives us: abide. This word is mentioned seven times in 8 verses. So what does it mean? Here is a good definition: to wait for, to endure without yielding, to bear patiently, to accept without objection, to remain stable or fixed in a state, to continue in a place. That word is powerful. I think for me “to accept without objection”  is the biggie. It is so easy to try and do things on your own and not fully accept what God might truly have for you. Are you abiding?

  1. Becky says:

    What a good question—I may have to admit that I probably don’t like I should. To often I try to do things on my own and not wait on God and his direction for my life. I pray each day that he show me his will and that I also FOLLOW what he has for me to do. It is so hard to wait for something that you want so badly in your life, especially Mr Right—

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