Tiger or Brady

Posted: January 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was talking with one of my friends last Sunday after Tiger Woods won his first event of the PGA season handidly. I asked him who he would rather be right now? Tiger, who is the greatest golfer to ever play, or Tom Brady, who is obviously playing amazing football with one of the greatest teams the Patriots. The next day that was the question on espn.com. Another friend of mine then brought it back up. For me, if it is just between those two, I would have to say Tiger. He’s the greatest to ever play his sport, and it’s not like golf is going to threaten your health. So he should have many more years of dominance. On top of that, he can pick and choose which events he wants to play in. How nice is that? It would be nice to be that financially stable and be able to help different people all over the world. Especially missions organizations that could desperately use it. Another, not so spiritual reason, is I love to play golf. It would be awesome to be able to play the best courses that are in the best condition, week in and week out. So that’s my choice, not that it means anything to you, but just thought I would share.

  1. brianhowe says:

    def rather be Tiger…good call bro.

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