Crazy Birds

Posted: March 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

This time of year is always that awkward time. It can be 25 degrees in the morning and then warm up to 65 by the afternoon. Another thing that makes it awkward is the birds chirping loudly every morning outside your window waking you up. There is usually something nice about those birds because it means spring time is close. I just have a different problem. Around my house I have ventilation vents outside for my bathroom exhaust fans as well as a vent for the oven in my kitchen. It s where the black birds seem to think they make great black bird hotels. So every morning here lately like clockwork I can hear those crazy birds running through those vents and purposely waking me up. The first time I heard it, I must say it scared the snot out of me. Now it just annoys me. So I had to get the ladder out and climb up to the vent outside my bedroom that the birds have made their humble abode. It’s not like it’s an open vent that they have easy access to. These birds are so smart, they actually open the vent door and are able to climb through a 2 inch opening to get in. So to fix the problem, I temporarily put a towel in the vent to keep them from going in or out. I was feeling smart that I had outsmarted the birds until this morning… now their in the other vent.

  1. Amy says:

    We had something in the wall at our other house, but never found out what it was. Maybe the new owner has found out by now. Hope you can get the birds out of your nest! Remember the book, “The Best Nest”?

  2. Brian Howe says:

    our birds are all still livn in the south with you….

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