Posted: April 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

So church league softball consists mostly of old high school athletes that are still trying to relive their old glory days, or what they thought was their glory days. What I mean by old is probably like 60% of the men playing are 40 or older. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that’s old in regards to the average age of a person, but in softball, that’s old! So this year for our Southside team I took a different route. Now that I head up our college ministry at our church I decided to recruit the college guys instead. Now don’t think we would have an advantage, because in Men’s softball the old guys have been playing for 30 years and can hit a softball within a yard of where they actually tried to hit it. The thing about this year though is we have speed, and lot’s of it. So when we get a hit, we are almost guaranteed a double, possibly a triple. Last night we played one of the top two teams in the league. This is a bunch of guys that play in two or three different leagues and are usually playing softball 6 to 7 days a week. Our record on the season going into last night was 2-1, with our only loss coming 8-6 in a final inning in which we should have won. The other games we won pretty handily. It was pretty rough last night to say the least. We got down 16-0 in the 2nd inning and it wasn’t looking good. Now to me it’s not getting the snot kicked out of you that’s the problem, it’s playing with a bunch of old cocky guys that run their mouth the whole time. After building a big lead and hitting one home-run after another they just started acting like they had everything in control. Why wouldn’t they? I mean they were up 16-0. So little by little we started getting back in the game and holding them 3 straight innings without scoring. Going into the 5th inning we were down 19-13 and were sort of back in the game. Going into the 6th inning, which was the last due to a time limit, we were down 22-15. We got base hit after base hit and were down 22-21 with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs. The pitcher then decides to intentionally walk the batter to make the bases loaded so there would be a force out at any plate (stupid to do in softball by the way). So the funny and ironic part of this whole story is the pitcher then walked the next batter (not on purpose this time) to walk in the tying run! Needless to say the next guy pops out, we go into one more inning where we stopped them from scoring and we knocked in the winning run to win 23-22. After being down 16-0, you would have thought we just won the world series. We had a blast. Before I end this looooong post today though, I have to admit something. I didn’t think there was anyway we were gonna win that game after those first two innings. I had no faith or confidence in our team at all to do it. A lot of times unfortunately I do the same thing in my walk with Christ. Whether it’s a lack of faith that something big can’t happen or if it’s just something that I am battling that I feel I can’t get victory over. Last night was a constant reminder that if a bunch of scrub softball players could come back and be victorious, how much more does the God of the universe want to be victorious in our life?

  1. brianhowe says:

    we have our first game in a week or so…I can’t wait

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