Everything’s fine in 2009…

Posted: January 2, 2009 in About Me, Life Change

I read a quick blog post from a pastor friend of mine, Marty Holman, and he ended it with this title. I thought it was pretty funny and catchy so I titled my post with it. I’ve got so much to be thankful for going into this year. I have alluded to some on my previous post. So as I look forward to 2009, here are just a few things in no particular order, that I am ready for…

My Job – A year ago I would have told you you’re crazy that I would be working in graphic design, printing production, and all that goes with it. God has opened an incredible door for me and I am so thankful for this opportunity that is a great business. What I have learned since working there and caught on is priceless and I am glad that a chance was taken on me.

My Family – Sort of like in my last post, it’s been great growing closer to my family and seeing what God is doing in there lives. I am grateful for the sensitivity my nieces and nephew have when it comes to the things of God. My nephew thinks God might want him to go into missions and that is awesome if that’s the direction God leads him in. I’m thankful that my family loves God and stays faithful to Him in all they do. That’s a huge blessing that not a lot of people can experience. It’s gonna be good to see how this year goes.

My Friends – There is nothing like trials and troubles in your life that reveal who your closest friends are. I’ve had my share of those things in ’08 and it was a huge blessing to grow closer to some people that were just casual friends before. Losing friends is tough, but gaining friends is a true blessing. I look forward to the prayer, encouragement, and accountability that I can be to some just like they’ve been to me.

My Ministry – Being out of full time ministry for most of ’08 has been a major hurdle in my life. There were many times that I have felt like a fish out of water, but other ways it has been a huge relief. Ministry is tough. Unless you have been in it full time, you would never understand the things that come with ministry. Not that it isn’t worth it, because it definitely is. In God’s perfect timing and His will, I look forward to the day when He might use me in that role again. Until then, 2009 brings opportunity for me to be that light in a dark, secular world that is now my normal. I’m thankful for the company I work for and the Christian environment that is there, however, everyday provides many opportunities for ministry. Associating and dealing with different companies and places we go provide more opportunities for me now, than even when I was in full time ministry. I look forward to being back involved in church and being used in whatever way God chooses to use me.

My God – 2008 has taught me the difference in being close to God and being intimate with God. I’ve always been close to God. Even through my darkest hour, I never wavered on my love for God, but intimacy with God is on a whole new level. I’m excited for 2009 the most because it is another year to become more intimate with God. I love God now more than anytime in my life. As a Christian, if we can’t say that, then we are going backwards in where God wants us to be. I have a long way to go, but knowing He is going with me is all the strength I need to get there.

I’m most excited about 2009, because going into this year, I am a better man than I was a year ago. I know that if I stay the course, it will be amazing to see what 2010 will bring…

So what is exciting you the most about 2009?


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