For God

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Life Change, My Faith

I’ve been thinking a lot recently on the world’s perspective on Christianity and the Bible in general, and overall it is sad to think what they are missing out on. People are constantly searching what to believe and what they should believe in, yet most are adamantly against God and Christianity. I read an article the other day about a new documentary film that Bill Maher is hosting called Religulous. You can see the trailer here. Seeing some of this on-line and knowing what Bill Maher was trying to do and get across, (which is that Christianity and religion is ridiculous) didn’t make me mad it all. It made me sad.

I was sad for a couple different reasons. First, is the obvious reason that these people are lost. They just don’t get it. II Corinthians 4:4 talks clearly about Satan’s part in blinding the world so they can’t see the light of the gospel. I praise the Lord everyday for opening my eyes. I wake up each morning to the glorious grace and life I have found in Him. The main reason I was saddened by this film and the world’s perception of Christianity was not because they are lost and trashing Christians, it is because of Christians. We should expect their to be films like this and many others. We are going to face persecution, that’s a promise. It’s the Christians that act like something is owed to them that saddens me.

It’s no secret that the most popular Bible verse in the world is John 3:16. It’s recognized by Christians and non-christians. I came across this website the other day. I thought it was pretty interesting, the most popular verses in the Bible. Looking at this verse that can be quoted by so many people is so rich in what it says. It’s the gospel in its most beautiful form in just 26 words. The more that I read this amazing verse, the more there is to it. The fact that God would send His Son for me is mind boggling. That is definately not something I deserve, I can assure you of that. Even still, too many people reflect on the fact that it was about them. I’ve heard a couple preachers even say that where the verse says “whosoever” just put your name in there instead. While that is the truth, and ever so important to our Christian faith, God didn’t send His Son to die just to give you eternal life, He did it for something much more meaningful than that. He did it for His glory. Here recently when I read that verse, it’s hard for me to even get past the first two words. For God. That’s it. That’s why He sent His Son. For His glory! There is no other reason, even though we can be a small part of that plan.

For me, the fact that so many “Christians” have a selfish Christianity is sad. That the reason God exists, and the reason Jesus died, was for them. No wonder people like Maher can make such a mockery of us. If we can just grasp the fact that God’s number one objective is not us, but rather His glory, then our churches and our world would be radically changed… For God.

  1. Heather says:

    I really like that.

    It’s good to remember that we are not the center of God’s creation, or of his sight. The world is not all about us.

    God made us a special creation, yes, but we were made for him. We were made to worship him. We were made so that the world could be all about him.

    Cool thoughts.

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