The Snooze

Posted: January 14, 2009 in About Me, Life Change

I love the snooze button. For as long as I can remember I have set my alarm clock 30 min before I actually need to get up. It gives me the opportunity to hit my snooze button 3 times each day. It kind of gives you a bittersweet feeling though. Bitter, because you only have 30 min left to sleep, and sweet, because you have 30 min left to sleep.

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about how the snooze applies to many things in my life. Not that I am a procrastinator because I’m really not, but I have lived the better part of my life knowing I have 30 min left. So many moments and days are routine, not intentionally, but out of comfort. As Americans, it’s easy to live a comfortable life. All of my days aren’t boring and routine, but I definitely have my share of days where the most exciting thing is going home to watch a TV show or ballgame. Not all of that is bad, it’s good to have days where you can relax and enjoy life without worrying or thinking about anything, but is that who I want to be? Do I want to be known for living a normal life or someone who laid everything on the line without worrying what I was going to get in return?

The more I read the Word, the more I realize it’s filled with people that took chances. People that decided to lay everything on the line no matter what it was going to cost them or their families. I think of Jonathan in I Sam. 14. I think of David in I Sam. 17. I think of the three Hebrew children in Daniel 3. Then you have Joseph, Peter, Paul, and many other men and women in the Old and New Testament that laid everything on the line. I want to live that aggressive. I want to live everyday as if it were on purpose.

  1. Heather says:

    Okay, so I read something about the snooze button the other day. It said that it’s not good for you to hit snooze because it messes with your sleep cycle. It’s better to just set the alarm for 30 minutes later (or in my case, 45 … I hit my snooze 6 times most mornings), because then you get longer REM patterns.

    That could apply to life, too. When you snooze, when you’re always waiting and kind of vegging, you miss out on the deep stuff.

  2. Sarah says:

    Um, I’m worried about trying to comment on this thing. It seems difficult. I am using Phil. 3:13 for part of my Intro. to Ministry homework. So thank you for your inspiration. Also, I set two alarms in the morning so that I turn the first one off and then get up with the second one. That is not technically snoozing so I am a better Christian than you and Heather I think. Ha ha.

  3. davecross says:

    @Heather – good call on the vegging comment. Another good perspective.

    @Sarah – It’s only tough to comment on my blog if they are salient messages, then it’s kind of easy. haha

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