Night Skiing

Posted: January 16, 2009 in About Me, My Faith

snowblowersSo last night I went night skiing at Ober. It was kind of a last minute thing that a couple guys from work were doing so I decided to go. I love to ski. Ever since I learned in high school, it is a sport that I love to do when I get the opportunity. The best time to go skiing is when you can go make a day of it and hang out with some close friends and just laugh at each other all day. Now I have never been a big fan of Ober Gatlinburg. It’s kinda of a Mickey Mouse ski slope for the money it cost. If I am going to pay $50 for a day of skiing then I am at least driving to North Carolina. The thing I do like about Ober is their night skiing. During the week from 6-10p.m. you can get a lift ticket for $15, which is a great deal, even for those slopes. Tonight was different though. It was great to finally get out and get some exercise and some fresh air. By fresh I mean 15 degrees on the top of old Smokey. It was def cold, but I was prepared for that. I was dressed like an eskimo and had about 12 layers on, which makes it tough to use the bathroom by the way. What I wasn’t prepared for were the snow blowers. See picture to the right. They had every blower blowing to its full capacity, because in Tennessee that is all the snow we will ever get to see. Not only was it loud, but by the time you got to the top of the ski-gogglesmountain from the ski lift, you were covered in snow. So after I dusted myself off I started down the slopes. It was such a nice feeling gliding down that mountain without a care in the world and it really was a beautiful night. Hardly anyone was brave enough to get in the cold weather. We never had to wait on a lift and it was pretty cool being up there without a whole lot of lines or anyone else to worry about. My biggest problem were my goggles. When you ski while snow-blowers are running, then goggles are a must. There isn’t even a question about it. You have to wear some sort of eye protection from the blistering cold wetness they call snow coming out of those crazy machines. The only issue I have with goggles is sometimes they can cause more harm than good. I spent the majority of the night not being able to see 10 feet in front of me. Now on one hand, that’s a fun rush, but on the other hand, that’s crazy! The picture to the right is the view I had most of the night. That’s not just water on the goggles, but frozen water. Unfortunately, it’s not something that just wipes off easily. In fact, it doesn’t come off. It stays on until about May when things finally start to thaw out after a night like this. Even though the conditions were hard, it skislopes_night1was still awesome to just get out and enjoy being up there away from everything. When I finally did take the goggles off, I could see the mountain in all of its glory, almost the way God intended it to be.

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t treat my walk with God that way. The fact that maybe I have done things the same way for so long and with the same attitude that now my goggles are frozen over. Even with things that are intended to be good and are good. Simple things, like praying before your meal. How many times have I repeated a cookie cutter prayer simply because thats what I am supposed to do? I think it’s a great idea to pray and thank the Lord for your meal, but should we do it just because “we’re supposed to?” There are many other little things in my life that I want to pay more attention to, because I don’t want my walk to be routine and average. I don’t want it to be safe. I want it to be real and genuine when I meet with the Master. Even when it seems so small. I am so glad I took the goggles off last night, because I could finally see the beauty of that mountain without all the frost.


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