Super-shot Basketball

Posted: January 24, 2009 in About Me, Humor

It doesn’t matter how old I get, I love these pop-a-shot basketball games in arcades. I remember going to a lock-in with a church one time and they had this game there and it was free. Can you guess where I was the entire night? Yeah I didn’t move. Tonight I was at Zuma Fun Center with some teenagers and I found myself again staying at the pop-a-shot most of the night. I did take a little time to do a little Dance Dance Revolution, but still nothing takes my heart like trying to beat my record. My personal best is 64 by the way, I will never forget that. However, in the 4 games I played tonight, I could only get as high as 48. What does this post have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing! But I still had to share because I’m still on a Pop-a-shot high.


  1. […] OK, maybe not quite, but a lot of times it is filled with useless information like why we like pop-a-shot basketball games, or how funny status’ are. Funny thing is, I look at the status’ all the time. Many […]

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