Posted: February 5, 2009 in Hot Topics, My Faith

tagThe building where I work was an old warehouse that was converted into our production area. It’s been a great building and has really helped our company grow into a great graphics place. It took weeks and months to finally get it converted to be used to meet our specific needs. One of the things we didn’t worry about was the back of our building. No one is ever back there except for our employees because the main entrance and parking lot are in the front. There was a lot of time, Stucco, and paint that went into the front and it looks great. So who really cares about the back? Well apparently a couple gang members… ha

I came to work a couple weeks ago and was greeted at the back door by someones tag. To me, it was kinda funny walking up and seeing some graffiti on the wall. I was just relieved they did it to the back of our building and not the front. As you can see in the picture someone sprayed either their name or their gangs name up on the wall. I’m not sure what it says or even what the initials stand for, I’m just glad they let us know “what was up.” haha

There more I thought about who the person was or people were that did this, I couldn’t help but think about the emphasis they put on trying to let the world know (or at least downtown K-town know) who they were and what they stood for. It always brings me back to Jacob in the Bible. Poor Jacob never stood a chance growing up. His name meant “deceiver” or “cheater,” which he definitely lives up to when it came to taking Esau’s blessing. However in Genesis 32 he wrestled with God and his whole life changed. The Lord changed his name to Israel which means “God preserves” or “God contends.” What an amazing blessing Jacob received that day from the Lord. Proverbs says that “a good name is rather to be chosen then great riches…”

Everything is on the line when it comes to our name. Our reputation, status, credit, even our eternity. It’s not something to take lightly and something God takes seriously. Your name represents who you are. You can think about the different people you know, some of those names make you cringe, some make you mad, some make you smile. However, they all represent who that person is. Many people have lost the credibility of their name by what they have said, done, or supported. Some have gained respect based upon how they have lived their life.

It also leads us to think about how people look at us. When our name is mentioned, what is thought of in their mind? I know for me that can be a very sobering thought. I hate to think about what some might think of me. Fortunately for me, in light of eternity, it’s not that important. We learn from an early age to worry about what people think of us. We are bombarded with it through media and the world all the time. I think it’s very important to do all you can to maintain a good reputation, but there comes a point when your main focus has to be what God thinks about you. Jacob did some stupid things, yet God still blessed him and gave him a new name. I love the fact that even though man looks at what are on the outside and what we have done, God still looks on the heart. I can’t thank him enough for that, because my “tag” will never be worth very much in the eyes of man.

It’s amazing what you think about just looking on the back of a building…

  1. Sarah says:

    That’s awesome how much that tag made you think. Seriously, though. You are right about how much weight a name holds.

    Fyi, my name means princess, whose surprised though right?

  2. Heather says:

    I think it’s cool to find out what people’s names mean. More often than not, it really does reflect their personality.

    I once wrote a blog about how our names mean things, but how God is so vast and so undefined that he has hundreds of names, and even those don’t fully describe his greatness.

    I like the thought of such a big God who still loves me enough to care about my name.

    Following Sarah, Heather means “joyful spirit.”

  3. davecross says:

    @ Sarah and Heather – Mine means “Beloved.” I laugh when I think about that for some reason.

  4. Amy says:

    Hey Beloved. Mine means “Beloved One”.

    Be loved. Amy lol

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