Follow Me (part 1)

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Life Change, My Faith

I’ve been in a deep study in the Scriptures on Peter’s life. The thing that intrigues me the most about Peter is this was the guy that Jesus built His church upon. Here was an average man, probably in his early 20’s, that was following in the family business and being a fisherman, when Jesus showed up and wrecked his life (In a good way of course). One of the most exciting things for me about Heaven is getting to know deeper some of the stories of the Bible. In the end of the book of John, John tells us that if everything was recorded that Jesus had done, the world couldn’t hold enough books to tell all of the stories. That’s amazing to think about. So here’s Peter, fishing with his brother Andrew, and Jesus came and simply said “follow me…” He did it. Immediately. Amazing. Wouldn’t you like to know how that whole conversation went? I know there wasn’t that much to it, because the Bible would have let us know if it were important for us, but don’t you think Peter had a second guess while he was following behind Jesus going in a direction he didn’t know? I mean isn’t that natural? Hoping inside of himself that this choice would be worth it. Can you imagine the faith that it took to drop everything in an instant and follow Him? It’s easy today to look back and say “I definitely would do that.” Really? Even not knowing what we know? Peter didn’t know what was going to happen, he just had to trust it was the right thing.

This reminds me of Matthew 8 when Jesus was hanging out at Peter’s house and people starting bringing many sick and paralyzed people to Jesus and He healed them all! That’s incredible in itself. But it caused a huge stir, and people started telling Jesus they will do anything for Him. Jesus simply says to them “follow me.” He gives three examples here and all three weren’t willing to give up what Peter gave up. The first guy was too interested in his possessions to follow Christ. The next was too interested in his inheritance. The last was too concerned with getting everything in order before he followed Christ. Sadly, I can relate to all three of these guys. I know what it means to enjoy the things I have a little too much to where they rob my affections for God. It becomes easy to get settled in for the future and have everything for you and your family figured out exactly how things are going to work. It also seems like a good gesture to “get our affairs in order” before we follow Christ, but truth is, we never will. That’s the whole reason we are supposed to follow, to let God guide us somewhere we could never take ourselves. I love Peter’s faith from the very beginning when he simply did what was asked of him. He followed…

  1. Amy says:

    Good post. Great truths.

  2. hailcesar says:

    Makes me think a lot about something Francis Chan said in on of his YouTube video blogs about how we don’t take the Bible as seriously as we should. Check it out at

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