Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Posted: March 3, 2009 in About Me, Encouraging, Humor

I really don’t have much to say. I’ve just wanted to write a blog with that title for a while. Actually, the more I started thinking about what stirs my affections for God, the more things I thought about. So, I decided to blog them. I’m gonna start with some of the ones from this weekend I mentioned, just to give the people that weren’t there a little review…

Early Mornings – Even though I am not a morning person, it is the greatest time to spend in the Word before my thoughts ruin my day.
Smell of Coffee – Nothing like the smell of strong coffee. It reminds me of spending time with my dad each morning doing devotions before I went to school.
Black Gospel Choirs – Not that there is anything wrong with white gospel choirs, but really, can you beat the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir?
Graveyards – Every time I am in a graveyard it helps me consider if I am living my life on purpose or not.
Good Food with Good Friends – It is just a sweet time of laughter and encouragement that helps me realize there is a day coming when we can do that forever.
Haribo Gummy Bears – Hard to explain this one, but the best times I have ever spent in the Word have often come while snacking on these. Not just any type though, they have to be Haribo!
Grilling Out In The Spring – There is something about hanging out on the back deck with a rib-eye on on the flame that just makes me want to Praise the Lord! Can I get an Amen?
Driving Long Distances Alone – It seems God has spoken to me the most when I am in the car driving down the interstate. I can remember several times when He made things clear in my life during these trips.
Playing Golf – I know this is like on the line for affections for God or just a hobby, but for me, there are times it is both. Being in the fresh air and away from the normal is what I love (unless I am having a bad round). HAHA JK… but really.
Holidays With The Family – Pretty self explanatory but I thank God everyday for being a part of a Christian family.
A Good Sermon – Something that just hits home. It can be tough, but still stirs.
Uninterrupted Prayer – It seems like it is so easy to get distracted when trying to pray. Most of the time it is my own selfish thoughts.
An Encouraging Note – It’s nice to get a card or note every now and then. Makes me thank God for the friends He has blessed me with.

Anyway, those are just a few more. I might add some more at another time, but I definitely love these things like a fat kid loves cake…

  1. Chuck says:

    I am a morning person and I love the mornings when there is a nip in the air, the dew is heavy, and the season is right for birds singing.

    I don’t drink coffee but I agree about the smell. I’m super-sensitive to it and can actually tell whether or not it’s the good stuff or “greasy diner” toilet water.

    Driving alone gets an amen from me, especially if you start just before sunrise. Seeing the sun come up while I’m traveling makes the whole day seem purposeful and well-spent.

    And grilling? Oh my, my, my. Standing around it snacking on chips and dip while it heats up, the breeze occasionally blowing the smoke right into your face so you get a big whiff of charcoal and melting fat. Nothing better.

    So God must be an early-riser who drinks coffee, enjoys a drive, and grills out alot while snacking on manna and hummus dip. Me and God will get along just fine.

  2. Heather says:

    Manna and hummus dip? No thanks. I’ll have to talk to God about getting something better than hippy food. 🙂

    Besides my weekend thought of joking and making people laugh, water would have to be added to my list.

    Pools, mud puddles, rivers, oceans, little bitty creeks … it doesn’t matter. Something about the sound of water, the smell of it … makes me think of God. It makes me feel like that’s what the sounds and smells were when God’s spirit was hovering above the waters, before time.

    Coffee is of course on my list. No one needs to tell me the sea of glass is actually going to be coffee and have coffee-ground sand.

    Talking to people, which is hard for an antisocial girl to say. I get more out of conversations with people, even words about nothing, than I do a lot of other things.

    And finally, windows. This sounds weird, but there is NOTHING worse than being in a room without windows. Even if the only view I get is a parking lot with two blades of grass, I need to feel some connection with God’s creation, with something bigger than me. Windowless rooms are a very good way to focus on just yourself.

  3. hailcesar says:

    Good stuff… I’m with you on the driving part. Done that plenty of times, although it’s with the family and they are all sleeping in the car.

    And definitely sharing a meal with friends. I can’t wait to sit around with you and Benji for all eternity. Good times…

  4. LOL « Dave says:

    […] I judge too harshly though, I must admit I fall into this category. I like handing out haha’s like a fat kid loves cake. It’s almost become a closing salutation, a quick way to get out of the conversation. Or it […]

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