March Madness

Posted: March 17, 2009 in About Me, Hot Topics

This is my favorite time of year sports wise. I like college sports more than professional sports, because it seems most of the time, college players play with more heart. Professional sports are more a business than sport these days. That’s another blog. I like this time of year because of the college basketball tournaments. It is filled with underdogs that have a chance to beat the Goliath’s. Normally I am even more excited than I already am because the last couple years Tennessee had a good chance to go far in the tournament. Not this year. They haven’t lived up to expectations and aren’t expected to go past the 2nd game at the most. We’ll see what happens. My hopes are definitely not too high.

The thing that is most intriguing about this tournament every year is the unexpected. The experts NEVER get it right on who they think will succeed and who won’t. There are always several surprises and disappointments. It is impossible to predict. In fact many websites like and give you the chance to make your own picks and if you get them all right, you could win millions of dollars. The crazy thing is, every year over 100 million entries go into these things and no one ever wins! They may win by guessing the right bracket or game and even have the most right, but no one has ever mastered every game.

I can’t help but think about the same thing when applied to the people we walk with at our churches and in our circles. It is so easy to pinpoint certain people and proclaim them to be the next great Billy Graham or Spurgeon. The thing is, the majority of the time, it’s the unexpected. To me, that’s one of the greatest joys of Christianity is to know God uses the unexpected, unworthy, and unqualified people the most. He is the one that does the work, no one can lay claim on that. Look at the Disciples, and many others throughout all Scripture. So we can try and place people all we want to, but truth is, in the end, we are NEVER right. But that’s how I like it…


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