Let me introduce you…

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

So I thought I would do a blog tonight on some of my peeps on my blogroll so you can get to know some really cool people. I guess I will just go down the list.

– First is my lovely sister Amy. She just celebrated another birthday last week. It’s hard to believe she is 25 already;). She lives in South Carolina with my 3 nieces and her studly husband. I love reading her blog because she is always finding ways to save money by on-line tools. So in turn, even though I don’t think I have ever used any of the ideas, it makes me feel good to know they are there if I ever want too. She also has a blog dedicated to food allergies here. It’s a cool site on things she has learned through the last few years of dealing with my niece Callie’s allergies.

– Next is my other sister Julie. She lives with her husband and kids in Powell, TN. She has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and I think is 20 something too 😉 Her blog is a great read as well and always tells good stories of her life and family. I think one of the best is the one about “thoughts in her spare time.” It’s a very powerful and popular blog. I know this because I have been reading it every week for the last 3 months…considering that’s the last time she has written anything:). I have been on her lately about writing again so we shall see.

– The first on my friends list is Benji. Benji and I have been good friends for the last few years and have become very close over this last year. He is a pastor at Stock Creek in Knoxville, TN. Leader. Visionary. Communicator. Passionate. Christ follower. Bold. Brave. Goofy. Worship leader (but not like a Lucifer, better). Lover, not a fighter. Miracle worker. Coffee maker. Husband. Father. Baseball coach. Hilarious. Compassionate. Encouraging. He’s not big into blogging, but puts some cool videos up every now and then. Definitely worth watching.

– Continuing on is Brian. Brian and I have been friends since a camp I was at in PA back in 2007. We hit it off pretty quick and realized God has given us a similar vision for ministry. Brian has been taking some time off from blogging since his life has been ruined by Twitter. But if you read some of his articles you can see some of his passion and it is more than worth your time. This one here is one of my favs of his. He shares his heart over what his day at church was like. It shows the passion and love he has for his church and how we all should be. Brians blogs have been great reads along the way.

– Then we come to Cesar. Cesar has been a close friend of mine now for a few years. I still can’t believe it’s been that long. He is a pastor at Mount Olive in Knoxville, TN. he is new to the blogging world but has some great reads on the few he has written. His last post over his son John is a scary one for his family. I know the condition of his son’s heart has been a heavy burden on them for a while and I ask you to be in prayer for them on Tuesday morning as John goes in for a heart cath. Cesar has a great vision and is a constant encourager to be around and hear the passion he has for God and ministry. It’s definitely a contagious passion and one you can’t help but crave. I truly appreciate that in him.

– Next we meet Chuck. I’ve known Chuck now for about a year. It’s been awesome getting to know this guy and see his heart for his church, friends, and students. I am so grateful that God has put such a huge burden on him to do ministry and love people even when it’s tough. When you read Chucks blog, you usually come away convicted somehow and I am thankful for that. Chuck will surely keep you on your toes. It is really encouraging to read and see his passion coming through. He’s also good for a joke or two that can lighten the day at work. Plus you know he is going to give you something to read because he likes to share his thoughts and I enjoy reading them.

– On down the list we see Heather. I love seeing and reading the things that Heather puts on there because it usually requires some deep thoughts. Whether it’s poetry, something she is pondering, or just venting it is fun to read. Now the problem is she cheats because she is a “professional writer.” So that’s kind of not fair for the rest of us, but I’ll deal with it :). I do appreciate her love and concern for people though. You can always count on her to post on prayer requests or concern for others. She is also good for some laughable blogs ever so often. Always good times.

So those are the first half…stay tuned later this week for the rest of my blogroll. I know you can’t wait.

  1. amy says:

    Well, let me think of all the sarcastic things I can say about you, bro! My favorite is the part about being 25….for the 9th time.

  2. Heather says:

    Look at you being nice … thanks, Dave!

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