Posted: May 13, 2009 in About Me, Life Change, My Faith

Sometimes I just need to take some time to reflect and thank the Lord for the blessings He has allowed me to have in my life. So here are a few, one word (sometimes more) things I wrote in my journal today. In no particular order.

Love. God. Grace. Salvation. Family. Job. House. Sisters. Dad. Mom. Hope. Bro-in-laws. Nieces. Nephew. Understanding. Comprehension. Endurance. Church. Accountability. Friends. Health. The Word. Passion. Communication. Mercy. Car. Laughter. Water. Reading. Writing. Cell. Ps3. Clothes. Mirror. Salvation. Bed. Grass. Money. Internet. John’s Gospel. Proverbs. Blogs. Journaling. TV. Twitter. Facebook. Encouragement. Hugs. Steak. Reclining. Accomplishment. Discipline. Holy Spirit. Showers. Socks. Missions. Evangelism. Discipleship. Music. Pizza. Dancing. Twizzlers. iPod. People. Messages. Preaching. Crying. Salvation. Brokenness. Talks. Forgiveness. Books. Vacation. Toothbrush. Movies. Driving. Singing. Prayer. Anticipation. Inspiration. Communication. Tears. Sleep. A1. Reunions. Surrender. Hope. Caring. Songs. Counsel. Faith. Sacrifice. Salvation. Patience. Tires. Lawnmower. Sports. Macs. Forks. Time. Growth. Travel. Haribos. 2nd Chances. Heart. Salvation. Light. Smiles. Compassion. Salvation.

Those are just a few. Some are probably more a curse than a blessing but I am so thankful for the things God has given me that I need and many things I have that were just wants. I am more amazed at His love everyday.

  1. davecross says:

    @amy A1 Sauce…yes it’s a true blessing.

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