Who loves Him more?

Posted: July 23, 2009 in My Faith

Luke 7 has captured my study all week, Particularly verses 36-50. It is such a rich passage that I learn so much each time I read it. I think the underlying theme that is evident in these verses is loving more through a deep forgiveness. Here is a woman that gets it. Jesus is eating dinner in a house full of religious, moral, obedient, law abiding, tithing, Bible reading, good people. Now we have the luxury of knowing the heart of these men and how they are, as Jesus describes later, a “brood of vipers.” I think if we were there at this time we would feel different. I mean on the surface level, these were just good men. Why would we not look up to them and even side with them? Especially if a prostitute walks into the front door to an uninvited dinner party. But she didn’t care, she had to meet the forgiver of sin, the Savior, the only person in the world that could help her, and she knew it. So who cares if they had her arrested, or even stoned to death (which they could have done), this was about Jesus. He had forgiveness, and she needed it. She had worship, and she couldn’t help but offer it. Wow. She just walked straight to Jesus and began crying, washing, and worshipping. Maybe we should take some lessons. I think one of my favorite verses in this passage is in verse 39 when the Pharisee Simon “said to himself,” “If he really was.” Jesus then basically calls him out. It always cracks me up how Jesus just sat there and listened to this mans thoughts and saw the judgmental and unforgiving spirit. Then He sets him straight. He goes straight after the gospel and the amazing story of forgiveness and how it transcends everything. Even turning a prostitute into one of the most amazing worshippers that Bible ever mentions. Why? Because that’s what limitless love and forgiveness does.


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