In His Eyes

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Life Change, My Faith

I’ve been reading in my walk recently through a lot of the O.T. and Judges 7 never gets old to me. It blows me away to think about what Gideon had to be thinking when God first called him to lead, then told him to do it with only 300 people, and HE DID IT! That’s crazy! God just asks me to keep my heart His, and I fail all the time! Much less defeat an army of several hundred thousand with three hundred!!
Something that has jumped out at me recently has been in the books of the Kings and Chronicles. This gives us details of all the different Kings that led Israel and Judah at this time. Some were good and some were pure evil. The way the Bible distinguishes them is it says “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord,” or “He did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord.” The phrase “in the eyes of the Lord” has really jumped out at me this week. It causes me to ask a question that frankly scares me from answering at times. Do I constantly strive to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord? Not do I always do, because I know I sin. But is it truly my HEARTS desire to do all that I can to make that my number one goal?!
So how do we do that? Simple.

  • Read and live His Word.
  • Stay in constant communion with Him.
  • Confess to godly people and ask godly people for wisdom.
  • Be aware of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

If we do these things to stay right in the eyes of the Lord, we can live a life with no more regrets. We will not make stupid mistakes morally, financially, ethically, socially, or spiritually. Think back over your life at the BIGGEST regret you have and I think we could all agree that is was something that wasn’t right in the eyes of the Lord. In fact, in many cases, it causes a huge reproach on the name of God and robs Him of His glory. Make it a question you wrestle with often. It is worth being a person after God’s own heart.

  1. Chuck says:

    What about those kings who did such evil that they weren’t even allowed to be buried with the other kings? That was a huge deal back then. Some of those kings would spend their entire reigns preparing tombs that ensured their memories would live forever, only to have their deeds wipe away their legacies.

    And don’t you think it’s getting harder to find those godly people to turn to? I mean those whom you can trust to seek God’s wisdom on your behalf, rather than give counsel based on their own opinions and self-righteousness.

  2. Daveee!

    After so long time without check your blog, it’s so good read it again and be so blessed! I’ve lived a new fase in my spiritual life and this text sounds like the will of God to me in this time, and to think about “In the eyes of the Lord” it’s the a better way/choice to start to do what it’ll please His heart. I wanna start thi new year getting better my relationship with God and through this text I already have the first step to start… THANK YOU DAVE!


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