The Mouse

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Humor, My Faith

I was at work the other morning trying to get in the routine of getting my day started and something crazy happened. A mouse ran across my foot. Now it doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you are or aren’t afraid of, a stupid little mouse is still scary stuff. I most definitely jumped out of my chair when it happened and just realized it is a natural reaction to do so. Then I kept my peripheral vision opened the rest of the day just to make sure I didn’t see it again. Ha

I think what bothers me most about this incident is how freaked I was over a mouse. Why would I get so worked up over something that in all honestly really couldn’t hurt me? The sad thing is many of us do it all the time with a lot of other areas in our life. A situation will arise that we put all of our thoughts, life, and stress over until we make ourself sick. All in all, it is over something that more than likely is something way to small to be giving that much attention too. I think the biggest tragedy in this, is that it robs our time and affections for what does matter most. Our walk and relationship with God. So what have you been stressing over? Is it really worth it, or is it something you have been stressing over for so long it just comes natural for you to do so? Just realize how small it truly is in comparison to how big our God is.

  1. Sarah says:

    Glen will protect you. He would scare of any mouse, no matter the size. Realistically, are you more scared of Glen or that mouse? Am I allowed to talk about Glen on your blog?

  2. davecross says:

    @ Sarah – No doubt more scared of Glen. He is a lot louder.
    @ Heather – A guy I work with. Very nice, but very big and loud. Little scary.

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