Who we really are…

Posted: November 16, 2009 in My Faith

My sister had a shooting in her nice little “middle-class everything is cool” neighborhood a couple weeks ago. It would be one thing if she lived in the ghetto, but she doesn’t, she lives in the heart of the Bible belt and things like this just don’t happen in a subdivision like theirs…or do they? You can read her blog post about it here.

It seems like it is always the same story when you see stories like this on the news.
“They seemed like everything was alright…”
“They were very happy people…”
“I never would have thought they would do that…”

Sadly those comments are all too common now in our walks of life. I think what bothers me about events like this, and countless other news stories we hear everyday, is not necessarily the danger of them, but that people feel like that is their only way out. How far in a deep pit of sin, bondage, hurt, or hate are you in, where you feel like the way out is to blow someones head off?

To me, I can’t get over that we have a Savior who is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and even heal us from the wrong that has been committed against us. So what keeps people from that promise? Being so scared that someone is going to find out just who they really are. The problem is who we really are is wicked and needs help. If it wasn’t for a Savior we wouldn’t be anything. I don’t know what point in history through our church it became such a “bad” thing to confess your sins to each other, even though the Bible is clear that should be routine in our life and church. It’s a daily thing, not something that happens once and then we have to hide the rest of our life. The only way to have true community is to confess and live life together in a real and raw fashion, not put on a show every week so that all looks “fine.” It’s not. We live in a fallen world, and until Christ fixes that, we have to do all we can to live in victory in Him, not act like it, but live it. It’s progressive sanctification. Not just getting saved and then calling it quits, but wrestling and growing in your relationship with Christ, sometimes falling, but moving forward. I blogged something similar to this here.

  1. amy says:

    That’s good stuff. True, too.

  2. Julie says:

    I like the new banner!

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