He’s always been Tiger

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Hot Topics

So my sisters were eating at a restaurant almost two years ago and they saw this guy in there and convinced themselves that it was Tiger Woods. So they texted me a picture and said “Guess who we met?” I looked at it and knew right away that they couldn’t be talking about Tiger, because I could spot that guy in my sleep. They thought it was definitely him and so they finally asked him and he laughed but still gave them a picture to send to me.

I won’t spend long on this because I know everyone in the world is tired of hearing about Tiger Woods. However this story breaks my heart. I’ve always liked Tiger Woods and have respected him as a golfer ever since I saw him first play in 1996. The year before he became a pro. So here is something that might surprise you, or maybe it won’t. I still like him. I still highly respect him as a golfer and professional. I will still root for him and watch him in each tournament that he is in. So what is different about him now to me? Nothing. You see, I never looked at him as a hero or even held him high as a person. It’s never been a secret the guy has flaws. You can’t watch any tournament he plays in without seeing his temper and lots of language. So it’s not a shock to me that this came out in his life. But it doesn’t make me wanna hate him, it breaks my heart to pray for him and his marriage. I know he is going through some pain and hurt and most likely a lot of regret and guilt. He’s still no different from any of us. We are all in the same boat. It is my prayer for him that somewhere in this he can find a loving Savior that paid the price for this fallen world we live in. That includes Tiger’s “transgressions and personal sins,” as he describes them. A lot of people want to throw him under the bus for this, and I will never understand how anyone who claims Christ can stand in front of the cross and point a finger at anyone for anything. It’s never how big or how small the sin is, it’s who the sin is against. Not one of us can compare to Christ, and by the way, that is the standard. Being in the publics eyes, Tiger will always be in the spotlight whether he likes it or not. There is actually a great post from my friend Marty about this here. He’s built his life around the public view so he will have to deal with that, but to me, he’s no different from the guy in this picture. I’ve never looked at him as a hero, but as a great golfer that could use a Savior. He’s always been Tiger.

  1. Julie says:

    Great post. And I’ll never forget that day we met him. He played it so cool-like he was just a normal guy. LOL

  2. Amy says:

    I’ll never forget that day! ha I couldn’t believe he wasn’t wearing a Nike hat. And he did put on a few pounds to go incognito here in Greenville.

    Good post! I agree. We have no right to judge.

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