The Improbable

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Hot Topics, Life Change

A year ago at this time there was a high school kid named Skylar Mcbee that lived in Rutledge, TN. playing basketball for Grainger County high school. Most days you would find him shooting baskets in the old high school gym, knowing that was the most exciting thing that could happen in that small town. Fast forward a year later and he is now in front of 21,936 people in Thompson Boling Arena, and just hit the shot of his career, oh…and he is only a freshman. One play, one shot, and he solidified himself a local hero, and on some scale, a national hero. An hour after he made that improbable basket, “Skylar Mcbee” was in the top 50 hot topics on Google’s search engine.

What makes him such a special kid is his love for the game, and Tennessee basketball. Unlike most people on the team, Skylar doesn’t have a scholarship. Most Division 1 schools didn’t think he was big enough, or quick enough to play at this level. Coach Pearl agreed. He did offer him a walk-on position to which he gladly accepted. After fall workouts and practice however, Pearl saw a drive in Skylar he didn’t see in anyone else on the team. In fact, he worked so hard, Pearl couldn’t help but put him in the rotation.

Fast forward to last Sunday afternoon. With Tennessee spread thin, due to a few of their players being suspended, Skylar played most of the game. With 35.8 seconds left and Tennessee holding on to a 3 point lead, he hits a 3 point shot that iced the game. Instant hero. Regardless of whether it’s a basketball game or anything else in life, I love to hear a good story of an underdog succeeding. Skylar didn’t disappoint on Sunday, and I’m sure over the next few years, we will hear more from this little country boy.


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