Staying Broken

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Life Change, My Faith

Brokenness is looked upon as a weak thing in our society today. If you look in most bookstores and health magazines, most articles have to do with happiness and a self gratifying life. Yet all throughout Scripture I see a Christians call is almost always opposite of this mindset. Luke 9:23 Jesus wants us to know what it’s like to be in a state of utter dependence upon Him. There more I think about this, the more I am amazed at what I see. It seems every time I try to accomplish things in this life on my own, or force things in my life I shouldn’t be forcing, I end up in worse shape than I was before. Less satisfied and more frustrated than ever. The fleshly side wants to try to force it to work, that maybe if I could just get this or do that, or convince this person, somehow that will bring satisfaction. IT never does. THEY never do. Why? Because unless we come to a place where we have no other choice but to put our utter dependence on Him, we can never be truly satisfied. I was reading a message the other day from the old preacher Charles Spurgeon, who is well-known among many Christians. In a message entitled “Repentance After Conversion,” he said this…

If you and I have a broken spirit, all idea of our own importance is gone. What is the use of a broken heart? Why, much the same as the use of a broken pot, or a broken jug, or a broken bottle! Men throw it on the dunghill! Hence David says, “A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise,’’ as if he felt that everybody else would despise it. Now, do you feel that you are of no importance? Though you know that you are a child of God, do you feel that you would not give a penny for yourself? You would not wish to claim the first place. The rear rank suits you best and you wonder that you are in the Lord’s army in any rank at all.

Oh, Brothers and Sisters, I believe that the more God uses us, the less we shall think of ourselves, and the more He fills us with His Spirit, the more will our own spirit sink within us in utter amazement that He should ever make use of such broken vessels as we are! Well now, indulge that feeling of nothingness and unimportance! Not only indulge it as a feeling, but go and act upon it! And be you in the midst of your Brothers and Sisters less than the least—humble your- selves in wonder that God should permit your name to stand on the roll of His elect at all. Admire the Grace of God to you and marvel at it in deep humiliation of spirit. That is part of the sacrifice that God will not despise!

Next, if you and I have a broken and a contrite heart, it means that frivolity and trifling have gone from us. There are some who are always trifling with spiritual things, but he who gets a broken heart has done with that sort of spirit. A broken heart is serious, solemn and in earnest. A broken heart never tries to play any tricks with God and never shuffles texts as though even Scripture, itself, were meant only to be an opportunity for testing our wit. A broken spirit is tender, serious, weighed down with solemn considerations. Indulge that spirit, now—be solemn before God, grasp eternal things, let slip these shadows—what are they worth? But set your soul on things Divine and everlasting. Pursue that vein of thought and so bring before God a broken and a contrite spirit!

Further, a broken spirit is one out of which hypocrisy has gone. That vessel, whole and sealed up, may contain the most precious oil of roses, or it may contain the foulest filth—I know not what is in it. But break it and you will soon see! There is no hypocrisy about a broken heart. Oh, Brothers and Sisters, be before men what you are before God! Seem to be what you really are. Make no pretences. I am afraid that we are all hypocrites in a measure—we both pray and preach above our own actual experience full often—and we, perhaps, think that we have more faith than we actually have and more love than we have ever known. The Lord make us to have a broken heart that is revealed by being broken! You know, now, what was in that pot, for there it lies, broken to shivers. Its contents are no longer concealed, they have all run out. Now, pour out your hearts before God as you sit there in your pews, and let Him see what He really does see—all that is in your soul—for in your hidden parts He would have you to know wisdom. Reveal yourselves unto yourselves and so reveal yourselves unto your God!

It’s not God’s desire that we live in a state of misery and self-pity. However, it is in our best interest and state to always keep our perspective of how much in need of a Savior we really are. Not just for Salvation, but also everyday. Taking up our cross daily means living a life in full perspective of what the cross has done for us… That is enough to keep me broken.

  1. julie ryan says:

    My favorite quote, “…be before men what you are before God! ” Great post.

  2. Amy says:

    This was good to read. Great reminder of who we really are.

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