Encouraging not Discouraging

Posted: January 1, 2011 in About Me, Life Change

Many people will be making and probably already breaking resolutions, goals, commitments, whatever else you might call them today and into the new year. I’ve never been one for resolutions because I know that they will more than likely be broken before february rolls around. Plus, I can’t compete with the resolutions like Jonathan Edwards had, so I shouldn’t even try. haha. Most of the time it’s centered around motivation rather than transformation anyway. However, I think it is a great opportunity to examine ourself and see what God might want to do in our life to refine us. Not focusing on our weight, or finances, or grades, as much as focusing on living for the eternal instead of the temporal.

My sister wrote this blog post yesterday and the end really jumped out at me. She was talking about what she hopes to accomplish and see happen this new year and that she will experience some trials, disappointments, and heartaches. Her prayer was that even through it all, she knows she can hang on to God. The more I thought about that, the more my resolution that I hope becomes clear. If I had a resolution, it would be to do what I can to be more of an encouragement to others, rather than a discouragement. To do what I can to be more selfless and focused on the needs of others over my needs. To see my world through a Biblical world view and not my view. That’s what I would like to reflect on come December. To look back at the workings God did in my life to see others above myself, and to love Him more than anything. Happy New Year.


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