Carrying the Name

Posted: March 4, 2011 in About Me, Life Change, My Faith

As you know from this post I can’t get enough of Acts 9. It never gets old to me to hear someones story of how their relationship with Christ began, but Paul’s conversion story to me is one of my favorite. What makes it so intriguing is the fact that you have a man whose job is to murder those belonging to “the Way,” whose life is radically flipped upside down by the One they are following… Jesus. The name above every name. I want to bring up three things I have learned in the last couple weeks that have stretched my faith and have drawn me closer to Him.

1. When you are carrying the Name and someone is tearing you down, it is not you they are tearing down.

 One of my favorite lines in Paul’s story is when Jesus stops Paul in His tracks on the road to Damascus and said “Why are you persecuting ME? Not, why are you persecuting my followers? This is the moment in Scripture that it becomes clear to us, that Jesus isn’t just tagging along with us, He takes the responsibility.  Anything good that might come from us, is only because of Him. Anything bad that might happen to us, is not on us, but on Him. One of the biggest lessons I have learned recently is that Jesus is more mad when someone mistreated you than you could ever be. Why? Because it’s against Him. His name is on the line. Even in the face of our worst sin, when forgiveness and repentance is sought after, He takes the responsibility on Him. So when someone reminds you of your past, or throws things back in your face, it’s not your face, it’s His. Oh, and He doesn’t take that lightly. Romans 12:19 makes that clear.

2. When you carry the Name, it’s easy to know God’s will.

It seems like one of the greatest battles Christians face is the ever constant question of what God’s will is for our life. I love how this passage shows how specific Jesus is when we trust in Him. He literally says to Ananias, “go to straight street and walk up to Judas’ front door and ask for Saul of Tarsus.” Now I don’t know if you can get more specific than that. That is what happens when you walk with Jesus instead of just proclaim to know Him. He gets specific. Now the crazy thing is, we may not like what He has to say. It may be something we aren’t thrilled to do. Ananias wasn’t excited with what Jesus asked him to do, but he did it anyway. Why? Because His ways are better than our ways. That’s where faith comes in. Being faithful with where God has placed us and pressing into Him so we know His next step and opportunity for our life, even if we aren’t thrilled about it.

3. When we carry the Name, we can’t help but share Him.

I love that the Bible is specific with the first thing Paul did when he got his sight back. “Immediately he proclaimed Jesus.” Three days earlier he was killing anyone that spoke the name, now he proclaims the name. Only a radical transformation from our Savior can cause that. When we see Jesus for who He really is, you won’t be able to help but talk about Him. That should be our focus. To proclaim the Name above all names. Jesus. Not worship about Him, worship to Him. It’s more real to me now more than ever. There is nothing greater and more satisfying than to put your trust in Him in all things, not just a few things.

Carry the Name…

  1. julie ryan says:

    Another great post 🙂

  2. Valerie Reagan says:

    So true.

  3. Valerie Reagan says:

    Makes me think of Psalm 96:2

  4. allergyfree says:

    this is good. thanks for sharing!

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