Saturday In the Tomb

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

You know I was reflecting yesterday on what Christ had done on the Cross. How he died to restore what was lost when He created the world. How we destroyed it. Through our selfish ambitions and motivations, we as his creation wanted more than Him. That’s where we went wrong. There is nothing greater than Him. There is no job, no person, no position, no hope greater than Him. Yet somehow, our heart still thinks there is more. It isn’t until we fully grasp the greatness of the Cross and what took place that we can finally find satisfaction.

What must have His disciples been thinking as they probably sat through all of that Friday night wondering what went wrong. How just a few days earlier the city was wanting to force Jesus into the kingship. How they were going to now be famous. How His influence was going to promote them greatly as His name was lifted high. Now it’s done and they were sitting trying to grasp what had just happened. Wondering now where their lives were going to take them.

What’s funny is I can relate. There have ben times I’ve allowed my own selfish ambitions to rob me of seeing the bigger picture of what Christ was doing. I’ve allowed my own personal thoughts and will to super-cede His. The funny thing is, I can relate to the disciples. I can imagine them wondering the whole day Saturday what the next phase of their life would be. Some would go back to fishing, some carpentry, a physician, lawyers and many other things. How they would just go back to being normal. Living a routine life always wondering what might have been. But God had other plans…

You see, as they spent all day pondering and wondering how the man they followed is now gone, they had no idea what was coming. They had no idea that from that point on, God was going to use them to change and shape the culture and position of the world forever. Whose main message is no longer the law, but grace. Who’s main purpose is no longer their own will and desires, but His. You see at this point it was Saturday, and they had more questions than answers. Just like you and I, we have seasons of more questions than answers. But the greatest hope is not only that Sunday is coming, but that Sunday came! That is what I take rest in. It’s not that it’s being finished, it’s that it is! Whatever the struggle, burden, or pain, hold onto Him. He knows.

  1. Kenna Evans says:

    Glad you posted. Been missing your writings. Thank you!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Seasons of questions are always so hard because they are where real growth happens if we trust in his plan and submit ourselves to following the path he sets before us. My path for the last two years has been all about trusting His plans instead of leaning into my own understanding. It’s been scary and challenging at times but also more rewarding than what’s come before it. I’ve enjoyed reading your writings as I’ve lurked around here.

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