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Posted: September 30, 2010 in Humor, Off The Wall

I was talking to my friend Andy the other day and we decided that people are to trigger happy in texts and emails with haha’s and lol’s. It’s almost become a problem. Before I judge too harshly though, I must admit I fall into this category. I like handing out haha’s like a fat kid loves cake. It’s almost become a closing salutation, a quick way to get out of the conversation. Or it could be used to make everything better after you just finished trashing them. For instance, “you looked like an idiot today when you said that. haha” See how that worked? If you didn’t add the haha on the end, they would get the impression you, or someone was mad at them. But add that haha and you can all laugh in your joyous bliss of stupidity. It’s the same game Christians play at church when they just gossiped about someone but ended it by saying “bless their heart.” That just made everything they said valid and now a prayer request instead of dissension.  Lol’s can be just a little more bold. Here you can talk about people’s weight, sport’s teams, clothes, hairstyles, and even their mama’s, as long as you add those three precious letters. The problem is we have all become the boy who cried wolf in our text messages. I mean do you really think the person at the other end is “laughing out loud,” or especially ROTFL “rolling on the floor laughing?” A teenager text that to me a while back and I told them to get up or they might get their clothes dirty. Their response: “Huh?” My response: “Stop rolling on the floor laughing.” Their response: “I’m not.” My response: “You just said you were ROTFLing.” Their response: “Oh…HAHA LOL.” See? It’s an issue. So how do we resolve this? Three quick things:

1. Type out as many HAHA’s as it will let you!

That’s right…all 160 character’s. Be overly dramatic about it. That way they respond with, you think it was that funny huh? By which you bomb them with more HAHA’s. Besides, if it’s that funny, can you really have enough HAHA’s? I think not.

2. Type out “I’m literally laughing out loud.”

Most people will respond to you by saying “all you need to type is LOL.” By which you respond, “LOL cannot begin to do justice to the laughter you just instilled upon my day.” They will probably just say “K” after that.

3. Abbreviate Everything

This will just confuse them to the point where they will never want to use another abbreviation as long as they live. Me: “HAYDT?” Them: “What?” Me: “I said how are you doing today? What don’t you talk text? Everyone knows that.” Carry this out for ten minutes and they will never want to text again. Or at least you again.

So…it’s becoming a problem. Maybe we should STA “start taking action.” YWM? K


So funny…yet startling…yet disturbing. Those are my words to describe this.


Posted: February 2, 2009 in Hot Topics, Off The Wall

Technology never ceases to amaze me. I’m definitely a techno junkie. I love always having the latest cell phones and ipods and anything else I can afford. I usually stay up to date on the newest gadgets and things out to make our world a little “cooler.” Yesterday was no exception.

So flying back from a weekend wedding in Florida I was at (see previous post), I had a lot of time to kill in the airport, considering my flight was delayed yet again. Which is crazy in itself because for the first few years I ever flew, I never got delayed or canceled or anything, now it seems that happens every flight I am ever on. Oh well, that’s for another post.

I hate missing church anytime, especially on Sundays. There is something about being with your friends and church family to worship that gives you encouragement and spiritual nourishment to help get you through the week. So as I sat in the airport and read some, I got a Twitter text from my good friend Marty Holman. Marty is a pastor up in Massachusetts and is doing a good job at Fellowship Church. His text was sent out on his Twitter account about 20 minutes before their service began and he was inviting people to watch their service live on the Internet. Now I know many churches are doing this now, and it has become an incredible ministry. I never get the chance to watch these services because I am always at my own church. But yesterday was different. I got to sit in the airport in West Palm Beach, FL and take part in a worship service in Holden, MA literally 1,414.14 miles away! That blows my mind to think about. It was so cool to look around the airport and see people from all different walks of life and in their own little world, yet I was in a church service! Crazy. Marty did an awesome job for the 15 minutes I got to listen to his message before catching my flight. It just never stops amazing me the avenues that are available to our churches now to reach the world. Good job Fellowship!

Obama Yourself

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Humor, Off The Wall

I saw this on my boy BHowe’s site and had to do it myself. This is pretty stinkin funny. Try it…


Flying Cars

Posted: January 12, 2009 in Hot Topics, Off The Wall

I always thought as a kid how cool it would be to fly everywhere instead of drive. Then when Back to the Future II came out I was more than ready to take off. In that movie, they were in 1985 and went into the future to 2015. It is scary to think that is now only six years away. They portrayed 2015 as a time when everyone was flying around in cars and the hottest toy was hoverboards. I came across this website today that makes flying regularly a real possibility. I doubt everyone will be flying around in these in only 6 years, but who knows, maybe some of us will. I for one don’t have $200,000 to spare, but I know that there are some people that do.